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CADENCE: Performance Sunday January 16, 10:30 AM

We see rhythm and cadence in all aspects of life, including our fellowship and relationship with others. But the dance, or performance, of relationship and community needs a healthy rhythm just as much as the cosmos and the individual.

CADENCE: Personhood Sunday, January 9, 10:30 AM

God wove rhythm and cadence into His creation, including humans. Every individual person has been hard wired with divine cadence. Join us Sunday morning to learn more about walking in step with the Spirit of God.

Christmas Eve Candle Light Service, 7:00 PM

The Candles, the Word, the Songs and a Special Message. We will have a joint service with Bethel Fellowship Church and Christ Community Church, Excelsior. Pastor Jeff will lead us with the scripture readings and the carols and Pastor Jon […]


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